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         GPSsim  V2.2.3                                                             

GPSsim application is software based GPS device simulator.
GPSsim plays back NMEA data that was saved previously. It is also possible to generate custom NMEA data.
GPSsim allows you to test various PC-based navigation programs as well as use it as data logger application to track vehicle location

The NMEA-formatted data, (e.g. produced with FUGAWI or attached NAW.EXE) as well as track log(s) from GPS receiver, must be used in order for GPSsim to proper operate. GPSsim has an option that allows users to download track logs directly from GARMIN GPS receivers. Several applications, such as PCX5, GARDOWN, G7To, G7ToWin, TTQV or OziExplorer, could be used to produce NMEA data files that are suitable for GPSsim. Moreover, the NMEA data could be generated with GPSsim.

The NMEA data files should have an extension of (.nma) or (.log). The track log files should have an extension of (.trk) or (.trl).

While in NMEA playback mode, the following features are available: 
playback speed change, infinite loop mode, skipping functionality, going forward or backward.

The chart, in the upper right corner, dynamically plots altitude (if such data supplied) graph of the NMEA data file.

The GPSsim provides support for non-generic NMEA strings, such as $GPVTG, etc., which are required by some navigation programs. Moreover, there is a custom selection of NMEA strings available to be transmitted to navigation program.

The data could be transmitted on communicational ports COM1 through COM9, COM1 through COM4 directly to the port, parallel ports LPT1 through LPT3, and TCP/IP.



                    NAW.exe     Navigation-Display for Windows   V1.0.1


                     With NAW.exe NMEA data can be displayed and recorded.

                     NAW.exe is included in GPSsim Setup




                         Setup GPSsim   (with German Manual - 2,9MB)

                                 Update GPSsim V2.2.3  (only update from Version 2.2.0 or higher) and NAW V1.0.2  (330kB)

                                         English Manual (Download)

                           Manual GPSsim (englisch version, PDF) 

                                ReadMe (Version-History, Registration-info) 




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